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Carrabassett Valley
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Highly likely to recommend

“I worked with Barb 5 years ago and it is still the most seamless buying process I've ever had. So, when the time came to sell, I knew exactly who to reach out to. Living 4 hours away can make orchestrating a sale very challenging. Barb was amazing at coordinating the whole process; she fielded offers and explained everything thoroughly, she orchestrated showings, repairs, and cleanings without me having to be there, and she had excellent insight on timing the market correctly as a seller. When the time inevitably comes and I'm looking to buy again at Sugarloaf - I'll be reaching out to Barb without a second thought.”

"the most seamless buying process I've ever had"

Highly likely to recommend

““It was a pleasure working with Barb. She guided us through the process of finding the right fit for our family. Thanks to her strong knowledge of the Sugarloaf market, we were able to be patient and find a house that was exactly what we were looking for. After the sale Barb has provided us with valuable information, contacts, and helped welcome us to the Sugarloaf community. She sees the deal through from start to finish, and is always willing to help. I would recommend Barb as an agent! I am completely confident that she will do an excellent job in any circumstance.” Evan”

. Thanks to her strong knowledge of the Sugarloaf market, we were able to be patient and find a house that was exactly what we were looking for.

Highly likely to recommend

“On behalf of myself and the entire Jain family, we wanted to express our deep appreciation to Barb Larson for so patiently and expertly helping us to navigate our recent purchase of a cabin near Sugarloaf. Barb was thorough, knowledgeable, and made house hunting a sincere pleasure. She is the best real estate agent we've ever used! We highly recommend her and the entire team for future real estate needs.”

Highly likely to recommend

“Mountainside Real Estate is the best!!! We wanted a place near Sugarloaf but it seemed impossible in this crazy market. Barbara Larson told us about a place that was perfect, just 6 miles from the Loaf! It's a gorgeous Maine ski cabin and we knew it would go fast. Barb was so fast and efficient with everything, getting things set up and putting in our offer like lightning. She guided us with several key tips that helped us so much! This is the third time I've bought a house, and I've never seen such efficiency, skill, and knowledge. We now own our beautiful Maine ski cabin, and we couldn't be happier with the service and professionalism at Mountainside Real Estate. Barb is a true magician.”

“April 10th: 15 inches of snow overnight, just when we thought winter was over. White wonderland in Carrabassett Valley. Great indoctrination to our new community. A great big thanks to the most patient, thoughtful, customer-oriented real estate agent I have ever worked with ... Barbara Larson. She was pivotal in making this dream for Clay and I happen! She was always there to answer our multitude of questions. She really cares and wants you to not just buy something but buy what fits your purse and lifestyle. I 100% recommend this hardworking, caring, savvy, knowledgeable, warm woman. She will get it done for you even through a Covid pandemic. Here's to you Barb Larson!!!”

“Recently purchased a ski condo with Barbara's help. She was a pleasure to work with—very knowledgeable about the local area, comparable units and the overall process. Never felt pressured or misled along the way. Barb was always very responsive to my questions and went above and beyond to provide the information I needed to make informed decisions and help me get settled into my new second home. Great experience. Highly recommended.”